Fixed Income Leaders USA Summit 2020

June 08 - 10, 2020

Omni Nashville Hotel, Tennessee

Kevin McPartland, Head of Market Structure Research at Greenwich Associates
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Kevin McPartland

Head of Market Structure Research
Greenwich Associates

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Innovation Day - Monday 8 June 2020

Monday, June 8th, 2020

11:40 AM Market Overview Keynote: The Trading Desk in 2024: Why the use of new trading technology will separate the winners from the losers in Capital Markets

  • How to examine the forces and technology driving the trading desk of the future, and why the fintech revolution is set to pick up even more steam in the coming years
  • How the buy-side is investing in real-time risk management and trade performance analytics to better serve their long-term desk needs
  • The trader’s window to the world: how EMS is the most critical tool to underlying technologies in order to make them functional and available
  • Can you put a price on data? How firms see data aggregation and normalization as an invaluable asset

11:55 AM Buy Side Keynote Interview: Setting the buy side innovation roadmap - How can you achieve true automation, enhanced liquidity access and accurate analytics to streamline your workflow and increase efficiencies across the full trade lifecycle?

  • The people: How can you strike the right balance between dedicated quants, data engineers and traders to create the perfect desk in today’s data driven world?
  • The processes: From research and portfolio construction to trading; what aspects of the investment life cycle should you be focusing your digital revolution on to give you an edge?
  • The technology: How can you integrate automation, connectivity and data aggregation tools to enable you to achieve new frontiers in best execution?
  • Outsourcing vs. in-house solutions: How can you establish the benefits of 3rd party solutions vs developing your own customized solutions to better serve your strategic needs?

Day 1 - Tuesday 9 June 2020

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

8:50 AM Buy Side All Star Panel: The evolution of the buy side DNA - What are the top 3 critical success factors for creating a fixed income desk that embraces innovation and is adaptable to constant growth on a global scale?

  • What are the most critical technological areas you need to invest in now to stay ahead of the curve, and what steps should you take to incorporate these on your desk?
  • New skillsets for shifting priorities: How can you bring in new talent to shake-up your desk and leverage new eTrading capabilities?
  • New frontiers in fixed income investing:How is technology opening new avenues and products for your desk and how can you take advantage of these to maximize returns for your investors?
  • The future of fixed income: How do the buy side view the evolution of fixed income markets and what steps will they take to ensure they are continuing to lead from the front?

Day 2 - Wednesday 10 June 2020

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

9:10 AM Macro Keynote: Trade wars, recession threats, and 2020 US Election - How will the US and global political landscape impact financial markets and what can we expect over the next 4 years?

  • Reacting to the signs of recession: With trade wars and tariffs negatively impacting growth, what are the implications for fixed income investing?
  • The end of the road? Is there anywhere left for central banks to turn after the end of long-term QE to combat the threat of a new recession?
  • Low rate environment: What are the tools that banks and governments have at their disposal to start up the economy, especially if heading into recession?
  • Planning ahead of the US elections: How can you plan for the uncertainties of the 2020 election to mitigate the impact this will have on your portfolios
  • Long-term investments: How can you best manage your clients’ expectations in an era of political and monetary uncertainty?

11:30 AM All Star Panel: Leading by example - How can a diverse and dynamic team structure that taps into different backgrounds and skill-sets be used as the driving force behind a successful fixed income business?

  • How has the concept of diversity evolved to better mirror your business objectives and team capabilities?
  • What are the newer skill-set requirements for successful trading desks and what are the tangible benefits of a well-rounded team?
  • How can the recruitment process change to better encourage a more inclusive workforce?
  • How can you take into account your clients’ goals and how do you as an organization engage with minority firms to deliver best execution strategy?
  • Aligning your internal diversity with your external clients - How do you provide clients with access to your business while also allowing them to be successful and profitable?