Fixed Income Future Leaders USA 2017

May 16-May 18, 2017

Westin Copley Place - Boston

44 (0)207 368 9330

Neal Rayner

Independent Expert
Formerly Aberdeen Asset Management

Day 1- Wednesday May 17th 2017

14:00 PM 360 Perspective: How can you improve your pre-trade transparency capabilities to give you the power of choice on how to trade?

  • Pre trade transparency- What is currently available for pre-trade and how can you aggregate this information to make more informed decisions?
  • How can you leverage technology and data to improve your pre-trade transparency?
  • How can you measure liquidity and capture data pre-trade to show buyers and sellers?
  • TRACE traders vs non-TRACE traders- What are the habits of TRACE traders and how does this influence how you trade?
  • Debate- Should treasuries have available TRACE data and be moved to a clearing model?

Day 2- Thursday 18th May 2017

13:00 PM 360 Perspective: What are the business requirements for the buy side to transition from a price taker to a price maker?

  • Buy side as price makers- What tools do the buy side need to advance their price making capabilities?
  • What has changed in the buy sides workflow and how are they defining liquidity and making prices?
  • The do’s and don’ts- What is the functional underpinning of pricing and how can you create a methodology for accurate pricing?
  • Discovery methodology- How can you find out who has bonds, how to get them and the potential impact on pricing if they start to trade?
  • Pricing illiquid funds- With limited data points is it possible to create reliable and accurate prices yourself?