Fixed Income Future Leaders USA 2017

May 16-May 18, 2017

Westin Copley Place - Boston

44 (0)207 368 9330

Julia Streets

Streets Consulting

Day 1- Wednesday May 17th 2017

17:20 PM Fixed Income Shark Tank: Disruptive technologies- What are the next big breakthroughs you should expect from the FINTECH world?

Join our fixed income sharks during this exciting ‘Shark Tank’ style session, where you will hear from four new and innovative start-up FINTECH firms as they present their offerings in a bid to win first place. Listen up as the ’sharks’ review the technologies’ benefits to your business, predict their future success and deliver their verdicts. The ultimate decision is in your hands though, as the audience get to vote for their favourite.

Will you find the next big thing?

Suggested Technologies:
  • Machine learning
  • Connectivity
  • Best Ex analytics
  • RegTech
  • Information flow
  • Sentiment Analysis

Day 2- Thursday 18th May 2017

11:00 AM All Star Panel: The pioneers from equities- How is the fixed income eTrading transition progressing in comparison to the equities evolution?

  • Equity vs. Fixed Income- In what aspects of fixed income does equities overlap and where are there no correlations?
  • What are the key factors influencing the change in market structure and what direction are fixed income markets heading in comparison to equities?
  • Market structure, TCA, sponsored access and agency models in fixed income- what are the key similarities and differences in comparison to equity models?
  • Without a centralized exchange, how can the fixed income market structure develop to bring more transparency to the buy side?

13:40 PM 360 Perspective: The growth of passive investing- Why are ETFs becoming an increasingly used trading vehicle and how can you reap the benefits?

  • Why has there been growth in passive investing and ETF adoption and how are the buy side managing ETFs?
  • ETF trading- How are market makers and banks adapting to the electronification of ETF products and how are they bringing them market?
  • How can ETFs be used as an alternative source of alpha in a low yield environment as a means of generating returns for your investors?
  • ETFs as an alternative means of sourcing liquidity- Could ETFs be the solution to the liquidity crunch in fixed income