Fixed Income Future Leaders USA 2017

May 16-May 18, 2017

Westin Copley Place - Boston

44 (0)207 368 9330

Jim Greco

Independent Expert, Former CEO and Founder
Direct Match

Buy Side Only Initiative Evaluation Day - Tuesday May 16th 2017

10:30 AM Keynote Interview: A platform post-mortem- What are the critical factors that define the success or failure of a platform?

  • What has gone wrong for the platforms that have already failed and how can you be aware of this when evaluating new initiatives?

  • Why do some platforms fail liquidity and the critical mass?

  • More than just liquidity- What else is critical for the potential success of a new platform?

  • What are the key success factors that will outline the success of a new platform?

Day 1- Wednesday May 17th 2017

15:50 PM 360° Perspective: Setting yourself up to work with non-traditional liquidity providers- what issues currently exist and how can you overcome these for increased liquidity?

  • High Frequency Traders as liquidity providers- Is the fixed income market readily available for HFT firms to come forward as alternative liquidity sources?
  • HFT and the buy side- How do HFT market making models differ and can they be relied upon during times of stress?
  • Alongside treasuries and futures, what other parts of the fixed income spectrum can facilitate HFT and what is the impact on liquidity?
  • What are the barriers to entry for HFT in other markets and how can they be overcome?
  • With increased electronic trading and new data points, what does the future hold for HFT in fixed income?