Fixed Income Leaders USA Summit 2019

June 18 - 20, 2019

Philadelphia 201, Philadelphia

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Fixed Income USA Conference Report

In May, Boston was transformed into the US capital of fixed income trading for 3 days. With 617 attendees, and 302 of these representing the leading figures from global asset manager and hedge funds, the Fixed Income Leaders Summit continued on its promise to deliver THE market leading, buy side focused event.

2018 Fixed Income Survey Findings: Implications for the Active Manager

In the lead up to the Fixed Income Leaders Summit conference, WBR Insights & SimCorp interviewed 100 Heads of Fixed Income from buy-side firms in North America on their strategic priorities, challenges and key initiatives for 2018.Watch this webinar to hear professionals from T. Rowe Price and SimCorp discuss the key findings and to hear more about what your peers are experiencing today and focusing on for the future.

Leveraging Social Media Signals: How traditional financial sources are lagging behind with the rise of alternative data

If you want to stay ahead of emerging trends in finance before they become news, then social media is your friend. But, it’s about a lot more than simply following Donald Trump’s Twitter account – you need to know what to look for, and what to ignore.Please view this complimentary webinar where a panel of professionals provide practical insight on how to leverage social media signals before they become news.

FinTech in 2018: Building a Case for Technology-Driven Collaboration

Discover how Fixed Income is bringing technology to the front of its operations.

Pushing the Boundaries of e-Trading with Innovation

Discover how technology is allowing traders to not only curb inefficiency but also make better informed decisions.

The Next Generation Bond Market: Charting the Future of Fixed Income

In this webcast, BlackRock examines the bond market’s evolution through three interconnected lenses: emerging technologies, the evolving liquidity environment, and new portfolio construction trends.  All three are changing in the post-crisis era with implications for the shape of the future bond market and investors. This evolution is likely to be faster and more disruptive than many market participants currently expect.

Fixed Income 2018: Goals and Challenges for the Front Office

In Q4 of 2017, SimCorp commissioned WBR to conduct a survey of 100 front-office fixed-income professionals including traders, heads of desks, and portfolio managers. The survey focused on strategic priorities for 2018 and the operational challenges faced by fixed-income managers and was conducted by appointment over the telephone.

Automating the fixed income workflow: data is king

Automated trading is fast becoming the new normal in the global fixed income markets. Once considered too complex and nuanced for automation compared with asset classes such as equities and FX, bonds are now experiencing their very own automation revolution.This article was first published in the The DESK | Q1 2018 by MTS Data. (

SEC committee signals direction for US credit rules

New fixed income committee sees pushback on structural approach to resolving credit market challenges. David Wigan reports.This article was first published in the The DESK | Q1 2018

Buy side reports price movement risk in Treasury trading

Automated trading and derivatives are changing the way US Treasuries are traded, exposing the buy side to high-frequency trading strategies. Chris Hall reports.This article was first published in the The DESK | Q1 2018