Fixed Income Future Leaders USA 2017

May 16 - 18, 2017

Westin Copley Place - Boston

+44 (0)207 368 9330

 John Bird
John Bird Partner Tixall Global Advisors

Day 1- Wednesday May 17th 2017

2:40 PM 360 Perspective: Does a centrally cleared market open the door for agency-style execution, similar to the way futures markets operate?

  • What is agency-style execution and how does it differ from the current model in OTC markets?
  • What are the pros and cons of agency-style execution in OTC derivative markets?
  • Are agency models reliable enough to offer an effective service in fixed income markets?
  • What structural changes are needed to accelerate agency-style execution?
  • Should agency-style execution grow, what would this mean for the market structure and who would be the winners and losers?

Day 2- Thursday 18th May 2017

11:50 AM 360° Perspective: Alternative investment strategies in a low yield environment- Which strategies should you implement to give your portfolio the best exposure?

  • How should you position your portfolio on the yield curve and how can you minimise the impact of negative yields?
  • Yield vs. risk- How can you position your portfolios to keep yield while keeping risk well managed?
  • Long term investments- How can investors find the yield they need to be successful over a longer timeframe?
  • What asset classes, sectors and geographies are investors looking at to find yield.
  • Corporate vs. Municipal bonds- What products and strategies support a low yield environment? 

3:30 PM Conference Wrap-up: Tailor the content- Your final chance to have your unresolved fixed income pain points resolved

Our final session at the 2017 edition of the Fixed Income Leaders Summit will be designed by you. Throughout the two days, post a question regarding the biggest challenge you are currently facing to ensure it is addressed at the conference, and the most popular topics will be chosen by the audience for our panel of experts to provide insights on; make the most of this unique opportunity to shape the agenda yourself.

Our knowledgeable panel will provide expertise on:
  • Execution
  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Market Structure
  • Regulation