Fixed Income Future Leaders USA 2017

May 16 - 18, 2017

Westin Copley Place - Boston

+44 (0)207 368 9330

 Erik Vynicker
Erik Vynicker Former CIO Alliance Bernstein

Erik Vynckier was co-opted to the Board of Foresters Friendly Society in 2016. 

He was previously Chief Investment Officer at Alliance Bernstein responsible for asset management solutions to support the investment, capital management and product development of insurers. Before, Erik managed with-profits and annuity funds at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, improving risk/return with novel assets and derivatives overlays. Earlier, he managed the Group Risk Hub of Standard Life, hedging equity, interest rate and currency risks of with-profits and variable annuities. 

 Before that, Erik worked at investment banks Credit Suisse First Boston and HSBC, in equity program trading, quantitative development and pension fund and insurance asset-liability management. Prior to his MBA, Erik held R&D, production and strategy positions in the petrochemical industry in France, Belgium, Germany, the US and the UK. 

He has also founded and served as board member of and, the European initiatives on high performance computing and big data analytics in Finance. 

Erik graduated as Chemical Engineer at Universiteit Gent (Belgium) and completed his MBA at London Business School in 2000.

Day 2- Thursday 18th May 2017

1:00 PM 360° Perspective: Alternative investment strategies in a low yield environment- Which strategies should you implement to give your portfolio the best exposure?

  • How should you position your portfolio on the yield curve and how can you minimise the impact of negative yields?
  • Yield vs. risk- How can you position your portfolios to keep yield while keeping risk well managed?
  • Long term investments- How can investors find the yield they need to be successful over a longer timeframe?
  • What asset classes, sectors and geographies are investors looking at to find yield.
  • Corporate vs. Municipal bonds- What products and strategies support a low yield environment? 

2:00 PM 360 Perspective: Aligning derivatives trading operations between Europe and the US- How can you overcome the current cross-border inconsistencies in swaps?

  • What are the permitted protocols of swaps trading in Europe and how does the US currently differ? 
  • How can cross border standardization of clearing requirements be achieved globally and what steps are regulators taking to put this in place? 
  • How can the clearing industry be more robust to give all market players access to clearing including small-mid size firms? 
  • How can the swap execution market be opened up to increased competition amongst venues without causing fragmentation?